Below a small selection of my roles in different kinds of projects. More references can be found on my LinkedIn in the 'Projects' section.

Make a blind cyclist ride independent with 5G


Tristan Bangma is a Paralympic champion in tandem cycling. Because of his visual impairment, he can't cycle on his own. Vodafone offered him the possibility to navigate on the track through the 5G technology.

I was asked by FROLIC Studio to lead the project from the early sketching to the demo days for the press.


Structure a marketing department and setup an in-house agency

Marketing Lead

Plieger asked me to join the Marketing Department as Marketing Lead for three big assignments:

  1. Create a process to support all marketing needs from the 60+ local Plieger affiliates

  2. Create a fundament for an in-house agency by implementing new processes, introduce tools and hire new Marketing professionals

  3. Create the marketing plan, vision and approach for 2021

  4. Attract content & data talent and build the next step in Plieger's marketing goals

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Launch e-commerce MVP & 3D configurator 

Product Owner

Stella/Muto asked me to be the Product Owner to launch the MVP of the e-commerce webshop within 3 months.


Together with the great people of Label A, Studio05 and Webstores we've closely collaborated to create a custom easy to use e-commerce platform, and amazing 3D in-browser bike configurator. With the ability to order the bike just as you've just configured it.


Recruit IT professionals with a mobile AR escape room game


How can a perceived traditional bank like ABN AMRO be seen as an innovative and challenging employer by digital and IT professionals in this overwhelming labor market? And how can we also generate no less than 400 qualitative CVs from digital and IT professionals within one year?

Instead of a regular recruitment campaign, ABN AMRO launched The Lockdown: a world class mobile AR game, that not only attracted the attention of a hard-to-reach target audience but also managed to convince them to send their resumes.


My Volkswagen Connected App

Project Manager & Product Owner

The 'Connected Car’ is an innovative technique for car brands to serve premium features to drivers and connect with them in a new way and on another service level.

Volkswagen always has been the front runner and I was part of the launch of the first version and design and development of the second version of the app.

With this app, Volkswagen wanted to create a feature no other car brand could offer at that time.

Re-connect Porsche Classic drivers with the brand


Through a website only, accessible with a classic Porsche license plate, drivers could find 8 curated routes ideal for a Sunday drive. All were equipped with a special camera setup, able to recognize classic Porsches driving by and take their photo. The photo was uploaded, retouched and printed at a nearby dealership so drivers could pick up their photo right after the drive.

All photos were combined into a book: a collection of all classic Porsches still driving in the Netherlands. A book you want your classic Porsche to be in, to be picked up at the dealer too. And of course, we put their own Porsche (the most beautiful classic Porsche there is) on the cover.


Serve family with flight information from their loved ones


KLM Family Updates is the first WhatsApp group message service of its kind. KLM passengers who receive their boarding pass via WhatsApp are invited to use it, free of charge. With the service, passengers create a WhatsApp group.

The service was launched via an awareness campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Three online videos showcased three different types of home-stayers in different settings receiving an update from their loved one who is traveling with KLM and using KLM Family Updates. See all videos on my Vimeo Channel.

Get rewarded for

driving your Porsche


The ultimate Porsche moment takes place behind the wheel. That’s why we set out to create a loyalty program that rewards driving rather than spending. We created an experience-based CRM platform, that allows dealers to create events, create personal invites and reward the best performing drivers. Building a positive relationship between drivers and the Porsche brand with every drive.

The Porsche24 app opens up the world of Porsche. You can get access to surprise events, special training programs and exclusive Porsche trips. The app handles the sign-up, ticketing and payment right in the app. It rewards every mile it’s users drive with points. These points can be used to unlock higher levels that contain exclusive Porsche privileges and benefits.

To improve the relationship between drivers and the dealerships in the Netherlands, we created a dashboard that allows them to create events, create personal invites and keep track of the best performing drivers.